Connect For...Antonio Ramos

Today I shared a bittersweet moment with countless others in a North Oakland community recently struck by the tragic death of muralist, Antonio Ramos.  My 6-year old twins and I only came to know Antonio less than four days before he was fatally shot in front of the third installment of the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project, which depicts young children, with my son and daughter's likeness, as community stewards and symbols of hope.  In those short moments that our paths crossed, I learned that Antonio was a talented young man with promise, an endearing smile, and a playful and gentle spirit.  Although I feel saddened and angered by this senseless act of violence, I am able to find solace knowing that I am a part of a community that recognizes that art is indeed love.  It is living and breathing within and all around us.  It enables us to create and build the world as it should be...whole, equitable, and full of compassion.  Thank you Antonio for sharing your love with Oakland and the entire world.  So glad you left your mark!

Special thanks to Attitudinal Healing Connection, our very own Lindsey Millikan, Javier Rocabado, and all of the other artists that made this mural possible.

Source: All photos taken by Art is Luv