Adia Millett's work is informed by taking things apart, removing, replacing, cutting, pasting, sewing, and building in order to discover the sublime moments of transition, the space where meditation occurs and where stories of impermanence unfold.

Through the placement of often, solitary objects (a chair, an embroidered bird, a window, a stack of books, a single house, etc.), she inserts her own inflection into a language of craft, empowered by symbolism and technique.

For the past 13 years, Millett has used installation, sculpture, embroidery, photography, video, drawing, collage and quilting to explore these metaphorical spaces. Traces of untold stories linger in each object. Often devoid of humans, the spaces/objects reveal the illusion of an ephemeral ghost-like atmosphere, where we witness a push and pull between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

In addition, the objects and images Millett uses, speak to the multiplicity of cultural identity, how they overlap, mesh, collide, and separate. Dark, light, imperfect, detailed, yet simple, the work reveals as much as it withholds. Each piece asks us to imagine a place or an object as a person… or even as ourselves.