Art Is Luv is a movement.  Simply put, we aspire to move the masses to support, make accessible, and experience the world of art.  It is our belief that art is omniscient.  It lives and breathes among us and within us.   Our mission at Art Is Luv is to empower individuals to connect and live with art in a way that is natural and familiar.  We strive to inspire emerging artists as well as create art collectors out of art admirers.  We offer artists both a local and global presence through thematic exhibitions, curatorial services, branding, and web marketing.  

Best of all, Art is Luv is an evolution of a community-focused artistic journey.  As members of this community, we understand the importance of establishing relationships with both artists and enthusiast in a way that is raw, inspiring, and live.  Join us.  We promise, it's gonna be dope! 

Our Team


Charmin Roundtree-Baaqee is an engineer, curator and art enthusiast living and working in Oakland, CA.  She is the founder of Art Is Luv and Art + Science = Me, a very personal project that celebrates and brings awareness to the intersection of art and science in every day experiences.  Art Is Luv launched in January 2014.  Charmin is the Chair of the East Bay Municipal Utility District Art Committee, a member of the City of Oakland Public Art Advisory Committee and has curated a wide range of individual and group exhibitions in both private and public spaces throughout Oakland.  She was featured in the December 2013/January 2014 Oakland Magazine issue and most recently in the July 2018 issue of  Mother Mag.