Keba Armand Konte has created an exceptional body of work. Konte works by assembling surfaces of found and salvaged wood, furniture parts, copper and other materials rich in texture and history. He then paints, burns and distresses these materials and finally imbues his own photographic images into the surfaces in order to create multi-layered works of art which explore socio-political aspects of the African Diaspora. These elements are held together by his mastery of formal balance, a keen sense of composition and find craftsmanship. His more recent work has progressed into the realm of sculpture and site-specific installations.  

One of his great influences has been his extensive international travel experience.  The artist himself has made the reference “When traveling through different countries and cultures I am absorbing with all my senses the beauty and mystery of the architecture, food language and of course the people.  I then attempt to translate these experiences into my own visual language”.  

Konte earned his BA from San Francisco State University in 1994, and his work has been exhibited internationally in both museums and galleries. His most recent notable shows include venues such as the California African American Museum, the Smithsonian Institute in D.C. and the Retina Galerie, Amsterdam.