Joshua Whitaker was born in Long Beach CA in 1974, and is an artist, currently living and working in Oakland CA. He attended Humboldt State University (1992 - 1996), where he was exposed to oil painting by his instructor and mentor Leslie Price. Since that time, his art has developed into an expression of his love for life, and an investigation into his own cultural legacy and traditions. He has shown works locally throughout the SF/Bay area in several galleries and public venues including Betti Ono Gallery, Studio One Arts Center, Eastside Cultural Center, and the Guerilla Cafe, justto name of few. His present works are best described as a mixed-media format which include, found wood surfaces, usually altered, cut out and/or texturized and embellished, combining collage, acrylics, aerosol and pencil drawing, as well as low relief sculpture and epoxy. This marriage between craft and resource, gives birth to an organic hybrid that reflects Josh's connection to nature and an identification with his own "mixed" African-American heritage and multicultural experience. His focus is also based heavily around composition and color pallet, which he uses to evoke aspirit, captivate, inspire, and communicate his multidimensional perspective of our collective existence.