May 29, 2014

Andy Denzler

Andy Denzler

I am amazed at how we are often controlled by fear.  So much so that it can paralyze our footsteps and silence our voices.  Imagine how much of the world we never see or hear simply because of our own inhibitions.   One of the things I remember most about my childhood is that my enthusiasm and curiosity were the catalysts for new adventures and meeting friends along the way.  I watch my two 4-year olds and am amazed at how fearless they are even in foreign, uncharted territory.   For example, they are currently learning Spanish at their pre-school.  When the three of us are out, I encourage (also known as force) them to initiate conversations with Spanish speaking strangers.  Although my children are native English speakers, with only one year of Spanish under their belts, they typically oblige my request and sometimes make a new friend in the process.  

Whether learning a language or embarking on some other new adventure, (like publishing your first blog post!) taking a first step can sometimes feel like a daunting task...unless of course you are 4-years old.  Well, I'm not...surprise!  Nonetheless, today is the day that I will summon the courage of my adolescence and follow the example of my children.  Today is the day that I will commit to being fearless.  My name is Charmin Baaqee and I am the owner and founder of the Art Is Luv Movement.  Thank you for joining me on the beginning of this fantastical journey.

¿Listo?  Absolutely!