Connect For...

I once attended an event hosted by Oakland's Impact Hub that featured entrepreneurial guru, Michael Bush.  During his presentation, he asked all the participants to split into smaller groups and engage in a discussion on various topics.  There was one topic in particular that sparked several thought-provoking discussions.  The question posed was, "How do you deal with feelings of self-doubt and isolation when you are a small business owner?"  Responses to this question ranged from creating short-term goals to participating in video chats with other business owners around the world.  

This question came to mind again during my recent visit to Yosemite National Park .  While taking in all of the beauty and sheer wonder of my surroundings, I was reminded that we are a part of a larger continuum and that our journey was never meant to be experienced alone.  Nature, in it of itself, is a collective.   It is the essence of syncopation, harmony, and partnership.  I have been fortunate as a new business owner to have met so many people that have been supportive and really want to see the vision of Art Is Luv flourish.  A big thanks to my family, friends, mentors, artists, and other business owners for your enthusiasm and genuine kindness.  Each of you continues to remind me that I am and here with a purpose and that I am a part of a rich and fertile community that is truly boundless.  

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